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‘Super Fowlst 2’ Arrives Later This Month on iOS and Android with Pre-Orders Now Live on the App Store

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Tom Young at CatCup Games brought us the lovely Fowlst and then Super Fowlst (Free) on iOS and Android. Today, he announces the bigger and better sequel Super Fowlst 2 (Free) for both platforms. Super Fowlst 2 builds on Super Fowlst with more levels, controller support, new enemies, portals, new bosses, and more. It also has loads of unlockable characters and procedurally generated levels. Watch the new trailer for Super Fowlst 2 below:

Super Fowlst 2 is releasing for free on iOS and Android on May 26th. It has a single in app purchase of $4.99 to remove ads. As of now, Super Fowlst 2 is available to pre-order here on the App Store for iOS for free. The original Super Fowlst is one of our favorites and we chose it as our Game of the Week when it came out on iOS. Super Fowlst 2 isn’t up for pre-registration on Google Play yet. Did you play and enjoy Super Fowlst and Fowlst on iOS or Android?

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