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‘Fowlst’ Features an Owl Fighting Through Hell With Butt Rockets

CatCup Games has announced Fowlst, which they describe as “an action game about an owl that is trapped in Hell for some reason." Fair enough! The point is that this owl has subscribed to the maxim “if you’re going through Hell, keep going." So this owl will flap through demons, dodging bullets, battling bosses, and avoiding buzzsaws. The coins collected along the way will give you powerups like egg bombs, and butt rockets. Because as all ornithologists know, the butt rocket is the owl’s primary defense mechanism.

Fowlst will be an endless game, with randomly-generated stages as you make your way through the unending chasms of Hell. Better to have a high score in Hell than play free-to-play town-builders in Heaven, eh? Keep an eye out for this one when it hits iOS on June 13th.