Fantastic Platformer ‘Super Cat Tales 2’ Updated with Third and Final Story Chapter

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I love everything from developer Gionathan Pesaresi aka Neutronized, but I have an especially soft spot for the Super Cat Tales series. First off: Cats. That is reason enough alone to love something. But beyond that, I am a massive platformer fan and Neutronized has done something really novel with the Super Cat Tales games. Instead of just slapping some virtual buttons onto the screen, he has come up with a totally unique touchscreen-based control system, and crucially has developed the entire game around them. Don’t get me wrong, I think virtual buttons are just fine 99% of the time, but I also love when a developer builds something specifically for the touchscreen. It takes a bit of time to rewire your brain from how you’re used to playing traditional platformers, but once you do the control schemes in both Super Cat Tales and its sequel become one of the most enjoyable aspects of playing those games.

Another enjoyable element is the surprisingly engaging storyline and little universe Neutronized has created around the series. In my mind, Super Cat Tales 2 feels like it JUST came out, but a quick check of the calendar shows me that it was actually way back in October of 2018. We chose it as our Game of the Week upon release, and a couple of months later when the holidays started kicking into gear Neutronized released a cool Winter-themed update for the game. It wasn’t until the following spring in April of 2019 that the second chapter of the story campaign was released, which featured new levels, new villages, and new cats. That turned out to be the last update to Super Cat Tales 2, but there was more waiting to be told, and although it’s taken just over a year today an update was released which features the third and final chapter to the game. Once again we are treated to more cats, more villages, and more levels, as well as more compelling cat drama. There are two trailers promoting this new update and since I couldn’t pick a favorite here are both of them for your viewing pleasure.

I really loved the original Super Cat Tales way back in 2016, and in fact we gave it a glowing 5 star review at the time. But Super Cat Tales 2 exceeds it in just about every way, and although it’s taken a couple of years, I’m thrilled to see the game finally be completed. Not just for the satisfaction of playing through the new content and seeing how the final story plays out, but also because this now paves the way for a potential Super Cat Tales 3 sometime in the future. I’ve got my fingers crossed. If you’re new to the series both of the Super Cat Tales games can be experienced for free, with various IAP options to premium up the experience. Sadly the first game lacks support for full screen iOS devices, but it’s still very playable and very fun. As mentioned though, Super Cat Tales 2 is the superior experience, and with today’s final chapter being added it’s also an extremely robust experience for any platforming fan.

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