‘Super Cat Tales 2’ Update Brings More Story, More Cats

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It’s really hard to think of too many bad things to say about Super Cat Tales 2 (Free). For starters, there are obviously cats involved, and I’m pretty sure slandering cats on the internet is a good way to get yourself smacked. Beyond that, though, it’s the sequel to an already really fun game that has interesting controls, a story that surprises you, and retro style graphics that everyone loves. No, really, everyone. On top of all that, it’s received some excellent updates since it first released, and another one is on the way. Or rather, it’s here now. Check out the Super Cat Tales 2 update launch trailer below and see what I mean:

What else to say about the update? Well, thanks to careful stalking of the Neutronized Twitter feed, I can tell you to expect that this update includes the second part of the Super Cat Tales 2 story, as well as new worlds and cats to unlock.

And keep in mind, this is additional content for a game we already picked as our Game of the Week when it first came out last fall, so this update figures to make an already very good thing even better. Download it free for iOS or Android if you haven’t already.

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