PokeCoin System Changes Are Coming to ‘Pokemon GO’ as Niantic Begins Testing in Australia

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Pokemon GO (Free) from Niantic has been improving with letting people play the game in one place or at home. This was elevated by the Remote Raid Pass and more. Earlier today, Niantic announced a revamp to the PokeCoin system in Pokemon GO that will be rolled out through tests beginning in Australia. In the future, PokeCoins will be rewarded for activities other than defending Gyms as well. To ensure for better balance for earning these PokeCoins, the number earned from defending Gyms will change to two from six and the maximum number earned per day can go up to 55 now.

Beginning with tests in Australia, trainers will be able to earn five PokeCoins through featured activities ranging from making a nice throw to winning a raid and taking snapshots. The results from testing in Australia will allow the team to tweak balance ahead of its full rollout everywhere else. It is good to see them allow for earning more while being restricted at home. Head over to our forum thread for more discussion around Pokémon GO. Have you been playing Pokemon GO daily and what do you think of the recent changes?

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