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Nearly a Decade in the Making, Mobile Action RPG ‘Echoes of Aeons’ is Finally Launching April 30th

Given the low barriers of entry to mobile game development, there are countless projects that have been announced over the years that never end up seeing the light of day. And due to the lack of the types of barriers that are in traditional game development space, where often you won’t even hear about a game that was in the works being cancelled, the mobile world is filled with games that have been announced and/or were well underway only to stall and fade into history. Every once in a while though, an upcoming game from the past will resurface and, even more rarely, will actually end up being finished and released. The latest example of this is an action RPG by the name of Echoes of Aeons from developer Alchimia Studios that, according to the original thread in our upcoming games forum, began life nearly a decade ago in October of 2011. Work on the game seemed fairly steady through 2012 and 2013 before the game when quiet for the next five years. In late 2018 the developers resurfaced to say that, yes, Echoes of Aeons was still in the works and they were planning for release in 2019. Well, they didn’t quite hit that mark, but they also weren’t too far off as this week it was announced that Echoes of Aeons will finally be releasing on April 30th and it’s being published by Crescent Moon Games. After nearly 9 years, it makes me very happy to present to you the game’s launch trailer.

Echoes of Aeons centers around two characters: Rinelesca “Rin" Stellaris, the daughter heir to the throne of Lusec, and Eldric Estellion, an orphan with a mysterious and powerful heritage. Together they set out on a journey to find out what is causing the turmoil in their land of Terra. The game boasts 20+ hours of narrative-driven gameplay peppered with real-time combat against a host of interesting enemies. You can switch between your characters on the fly, with Eldric being more of the hack’n slash melee type and Rin being more of a ranged combatant with access to powerful magic spells. As you can see from the trailer, Echoes of Aeons also has a really unique look to it, and that’s because the entire game is hand-drawn and hand-animated. Oh, and did I mention Alchimia Studios is just two people? That’s probably why this has taken nearly 9 years! Impressive stuff. Look for Echoes of Aeons when it arrives on iOS on April 30th.