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‘Hyperspace Delivery Service’ is Described as “Oregon Trail in Space” and It’s Hitting iOS and Android this Week

Last summer developer Zotnip released a game called Hyperspace Delivery Service onto Steam that was heavily inspired by the classic edutainment title Oregon Trail. Except instead of trekking the dangerous route from Missouri to Oregon, you’d be flying the dangerous route to a planet called Miridian V in order to make an important delivery. After all, you do work for the (cue theme music) Hyperspace Delivery Service now. During your journey you’ll have to manage many things in a similar fashion to Oregon Trail to keep your crew alive for the whole trip. “Work the trade routes, learn to use your crews’ unique attributes, mine for fuel, search for abandoned supplies, fight robot space pirates on the ground in retro FPS, experience thrilling space battles from the bridge of your space ship in retro 3D space shooting action." Uh, actually a few of those things aren’t in Oregon Trail, but the basic concept is the same, just in a much more humorous space-themed fashion. Here’s the trailer for Hyperspace Delivery Service.

Following its launch on desktop last year, Hyperspace Delivery Service made its way to the Nintendo Switch about a month ago, and this week it will be arriving on iOS and Android on April 23rd. You can currently pre-order the iOS version on the App Store here, or if you’re on Android you can pre-register for it on Google Play here. The mobile version of the game will cost just $3.99, which is less than half the price of the desktop and Switch versions which were already pretty cheap at $9.99. I have a feeling this is one of those games that will play especially well on the touchscreen too, so if you’re finding the above trailer to your tastes, either grab a pre-order now or simply look for Hyperspace Delivery Service when it hits both mobile app stores this Thursday.