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Bullet Hell Shmup ‘Bullet Hell Monday Finale’ From Masayuki Ito Releases This Month on iOS and Android

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The Danmaku Unlimited games and Bullet Hell Monday are my favourite mobile bullet hell games. Masayuki Ito has released a few bullet hell shmups on iOS in the form of .Decluster (Free) and .Decluster Zero ($4.99) with Bullet Hell Monday Black (Free) arriving last year. Today, Bullet Hell Monday Finale (Free) has been revealed for iOS and Android and it is based on Bullet Hell Monday Black that blends the chapter structure of Bullet Hell Monday with Bullet Hell Monday Black. It supports swiping movement and has various upgrade options as you unlock more chapters and complete missions. Watch the announcement trailer for it below:

Bullet Hell Monday Finale will be free with in app purchases. The in app purchases range from unlocks for all weapons to a few specific unlocks. Check out the official website here. If you’re interested in playing it, you can pre-order Bullet Hell Monday Finale on the App Store for iOS here and pre-register for it on Google Play for Android here. Bullet Hell Monday Finale releases on April 13th worldwide on both iOS and Android. Did you play Bullet Hell Monday Black?

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    Bullet Hell Monday Finale is a bullet hell shooter game that’s great fun for beginners too. Avoid the bullets and shoo…
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