‘Disgaea 1 Complete’ on iOS and Android Is Discounted for the First Time

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Disgaea 1 Complete ($32.99) from NIS and NIS America got a surprise release on iOS and Android a little while ago. Disgaea 1 Complete on iOS is an enhanced port of the PS4 and Nintendo Switch version that was a remake of the original Disgaea game. Read my review of the iOS version here where I tested it on a few iOS devices. The conversion is excellent and the additional features are welcome additions. Watch the trailer for the mobile version of Disgaea 1 Complete below:

Tody, Disgaea 1 Complete on iOS is down to $23.99 from its original price of $32.99. The official Japanese account for NIS has confirmed that this discount will be available until April 2nd. Some of their other games are discounted as well but they aren’t available in English. Only Disgaea 1 Complete supports English and more. If you’re interested in picking it up while it is discounted, Disgaea 1 Complete is available on the App Store and Google Play for $23.99. Check it out on the App Store here and Google Play here. It is worth noting that this released on PS4 and Nintendo Switch around a year ago for $49.99 and it is still that price digitally on those platforms. Have you played Disgaea 1 before on any system?

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