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‘Cookies Must Die’ from Rebel Twins is Launching February 5th and Available for Pre-Order Now

Back in October developer Rebel Twins, responsible for such hits as Dragon Hills and Aliens Drive Me Crazy, announced their new project, a game called Cookies Must Die. What sort of awful person would want cookies to die? Well in this case, a cookie factory’s artificial intelligence has gone haywire after getting zapped by lightning, and instead of creating delicious treats for people to enjoy it has begun creating killer zombie cookie monstrosities who are armed to the teeth and trying to take over the world. So yeah, THOSE kinds of cookies are the ones who need to die, not the yummy kind. And being a special agent trained by a secret government organization, you’re just the right one for the job. In fact you are equipped with some experimental government technology that lets you fling yourself around like a ninja, and also slow down time like the Matrix to pop off shots at the evil cookies. Trailer time!

When I first saw Cookies Must Die back in October, I thought it would be your standard platforming shooter, like Super Crate Box or Get Me Outta Here. In reality it’s not much like those games at all, and instead is a blend of the flinging mechanics of something like The Sleeping Prince or even a bit of Dandara and the all out destruction and super satisfying progression systems of a Rebel Twins game. I can’t emphasis enough how much they nailed the flinging mechanics here, and Cookies Must Die is the type of game where you can feel yourself growing just a wee bit stronger and getting a wee bit better each time you play, both because your actual skill is increasing but also because you’re buying and upgrading a ton of cool gear, so that each time you play you can make it just a bit further than before.

You’ll be able to check it out for yourself next week on February 5th when Cookies Must Die officially arrives, and in the meantime you can pre-order the game on the App Store or Google Play right now or check out the forum thread for some discussion.