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Hack ‘N Slash Dungeon Crawler/Deck Builder Hybrid ‘Book of Demons’ is Heading to iPad and Looking for Beta Testers

A little more than a year ago, developer Thing Trunk released their game Book of Demons onto desktop via Steam. More than ten years ago, practically in another life, some of the people responsible for Book of Demons also worked on mobile titles like Captain Binary and Boogiemons. Now after a successful launch on desktop, things are coming full circle as Book of Demons is now heading to the iPad. But what is Book of Demons? Well it’s a hack ‘n slash isometric dungeon crawler that takes place in a pop-up book style world. You’ll do what you do in these types of games by choosing a character class, picking up quests from various townsfolk, and then diving into a dungeon to bludgeon a bunch of nasty foes to death. The really neat twist in Book of Demons is that everything outside of your regular old bludgeoning, like special offensive abilities and healing spells, is handled via a deck that you assemble with cards that you’ll discover during your adventures. This is a bit of an older video but I think it does a great job at highlighting what Book of Demons is all about and showing it in action.

Book of Demons is a really cool concept and garnered a lot of praise on desktop, and it also seems like the perfect sort of fit for the touchscreen. Which is why they’re brining it to the iPad! They need help, though. Before launching Book of Demons: Tablet Edition, Thing Trunk is hoping to get as much feedback as possible from testers who are willing to take an early version of the game for a spin. If this is something that interests you, then you can find a link to the Testflight version of the game in our forums. I feel like it’s inevitable that whenever a game is announced for the iPad only, people will ask about whether an iPhone version is in the works. I imagine that with Book of Demons being such a UI-heavy game it would take a lot of work to reconfigure things to still be playable on the much smaller iPhone, which may just not be in the cards at this time. (Get it? In the cards?) Obviously you are welcome to ask that very question yourself in the forum thread, but if you’re an iPad owner and wanting to get testing, head on over there to find the beta version link and dive on in to Book of Demons: Tablet Edition.