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Foursaken’s ‘War Tortoise 2’ Now Up for Pre-Order with Expected Release Date of March 5th

Last month, the always busy Foursaken Media announced a sequel to their super popular 2016 idle game/shooter hybrid War Tortoise, unsurprisingly and appropriately titled War Tortoise 2. The main concept of the original game remained unchanged, as you’d still be manning a massive tank-like tortoise that is outfitted with all sorts of bad ass armor and weaponry and fending off waves of enemies. And of course the idle game-inspired progression system would be making a return as well. The biggest change would be that in War Tortoise 2 you’d actually be able to travel to different locations around each map, as opposed to the totally stationary nature of the first game. This adds an element of territory capturing and the ability to engage in combat while you’re on the move. Add to that tons of new playable pilots, new weapons and items, and more impressive visuals and you have all the makings of a great sequel. Check out the trailer.

Anyway, following that announcement last month, all we really knew in terms of a release window for War Tortoise 2 was “early 2020." Foursaken has been holding a beta test since then by recruiting testers from our forums, and that seems to have been going pretty well so far as today the developer has popped into the forum thread to announce that War Tortoise 2 is now available for pre-order on the App Store with an expected release date of March 5th. So if you want to be on the absolute bleeding edge of War Tortoise 2 availability, then mash away at the pre-order button in the App Store and come March 5th the game will magically download right to your device once it’s available.