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Foursaken Media Announces ‘War Tortoise 2’ is Arriving in Early 2020, Check Out the First Trailer

Foursaken Media has been releasing some of the most ambitious games on mobile for the past decade, often blending various types of genres together into something wholly unique. That was never more true than when they announced a game called War Tortoise way back in early 2016. The premise was that it was a fixed-position third-person shooter, sometimes called a beach head shooter, where you’d command a massive armored tortoise and take out wave after wave of enemies. And the genre they wanted to mash up this gameplay style with was… idle clickers? Yeah, it sounded strange on paper, but in practice War Tortoise was pretty ingenious. It had the progression system of an idle game with its compulsion loop of upgrades and the ability to prestige, but instead of clicking or some other menial task all the progression was gained by blasting a bunch of bad guys to bits. It totally worked! We picked War Tortoise as our Game of the Week when it released in the spring of 2016, and the game has proven popular with more than 4 million downloads since. Well it’s time for the next iteration in the franchise as Foursaken has announced War Tortoise 2 will be arriving in early 2020. Here’s the first look.

So what is different this time around? Well, the biggest new addition is the ability to actually move! Foursaken didn’t want to lose the core essence of the original, and so much of the combat will take place while you’re sitting still. However you can also choose to move to various points on the map, and then engage in combat while you’re traveling to the next location. Each of these locations will have different types of bonuses and you’ll be able to capture locations based on your needs. You’ll also have the ability to build permanent structures like outposts and roads at these locations to create a connected map. Foursaken says they’ve also added “a skill tree, randomized weapon and armor for your Tortoise, and lots more." They’ve also announced that a beta test will be firing up in the next week or two, so if you want in on that head over to our forums and let them know you’re interested. Otherwise keep an eye out for War Tortoise 2 to arrive early next year.