New ‘Gunship Battle Total Warfare’ Update Takes to the Skies and is All About Jets

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Joycity has been updating and supporting their popular MMO strategy game Gunship Battle Total Warfare (Free) for well over a year now, and this week they’ve launched another big new update adding in some interesting new content and features. To back things up a bit first though, Gunship Battle Total Warfare is a multiplayer base defending game where you’ll battle against enemy units to protect your base at all costs. You may remember Joycity’s previous game Gunship Battle, which focused on aerial combat, or their previous Warship Battle, which focused on naval battling. Well Gunship Battle Total Warfare is something of the culmination of those previous games and is just as the name implies: total warfare featuring aerial battles, naval battles, and even ground-based battles.

So with that out of the way, the latest update to Gunship Battle Total Warfare centers around your jet units. The first big new features in the update are the Upgrade+ feature and the Jet Exchange feature. Upgrade+ is pretty much as it sounds and allows you to upgrade your jets beyond level 10. The Jet Exchange feature is really exciting as it allows you to trade in a completely maxed out jet for the same jet in the next tier up from the one it’s currently in, or for a completely different jet in the same tier that it’s currently in. So for example, if you were trading up a tier you could trade a maxed out [Epic] F-15ST Jet for the [Legendary] RF-M Jet. You can see both Upgrade+ and Jet Exchange in action in the following trailer.

The next big part of this week’s update is a new feature called Jet Blueprint Conversion. Again, this one is just as it sounds and lets you convert your numerous Jet Blueprints for higher tier ones, and it grants players a chance to get rare Jet Blueprints too. Jet Blueprints are used to obtain the various types of fighter jets in the game, which are crucial units to have in your squad. Here is an example of using your existing hoard of Jet Blueprints and exchanging them for a chance at higher tiered Jet Blueprints.

Speaking of Jet Blueprints, being that they’re such a crucial element in fleshing out your aerial forces, it’s nice to have additional ways of earning them in the game. Well good news then, as this week’s update adds a new enemy to battle against in the skies called Armada Interceptor Squadrons. If you’re feeling saucy enough to take on an Interceptor Squadron, and you come out victorious, then you can net yourself some seriously high level rewards, including high tiered Jet Blueprints. If you want to see a couple of different battles against the new Interceptor Squadrons in action, check out this video.

So there you have it, all of the major new features as part of this latest update to Gunship Battle Total Warfare. I told you it was all about the jets! Be sure to try your hand at upgrading your jets past their previous max level of 10 using the Upgrade+ feature, or trade in your current maxed out jet for the same one in a higher tier or a completely different jet in its current tier. Also check out the Jet Blueprint Conversion to do something useful with all those blueprints you’ve been hoarding, and also pick a fight or two with the Armada’s new Interceptor Squadron enemies.

Gunship Battle Total Warfare is free to download and play and is available right now on iOS or Android, and be sure to check out the official Facebook page for more details on the game and it’s constant stream of live events.


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