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‘King Rabbit’ Sequel Enters Open Beta on iOS and Android Ahead of Official Launch in April

The sequel to the excellent puzzle platformer King Rabbit has been a LONG time coming. First announced as King Rabbit 2 way back in June of 2017, its primary focus was to strengthen the community and user-created level aspect that had been flirted with in the original King Rabbit, and to make a game that was playable and would sync your progress seamlessly across iOS, Android, and desktop. This dream version of King Rabbit would require developer Raresloth to completely rebuild the game in Unity, no small task. In January of last year, nearly a year ago to the day in fact, Raresloth launched the King Rabbit sequel on Steam and has been spending the past year updating and tweaking it to perfection. Here’s the trailer for that Steam version.

Anyway, with the Steam version up and running it was time to get to work on the mobile versions of King Rabbit. We learned this past November that the iOS and Android versions of King Rabbit already had a release date planned, and would be arriving on the very appropriate date of April 12th, aka Easter. But seeing as that date is still a few months out, Raresloth has ample time to bring in some beta testers to stress test all the community aspects ahead of the formal launch. That means that if YOU want to get in on the testing, then just check out the thread in our forums for links to both the iOS and Android betas. There you can also find even more details about what to expect in terms of features and functionality when King Rabbit officially launches on mobile this Easter.