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‘My Zombie Wife’ is the Super Weird Collection Game that’s in Early Access on Android Right Now

Lemon Jam Studio has something decidedly… different up their sleeve, and it’s a new mobile game called My Zombie Wife. Picture this: You just married the love of your life, but at the same time a massive virus outbreak has turned roughly half of the population into disgusting zombies, your new bride included. You’re determined to keep your vows to your wife, which included loving her through sickness and through health, and that includes turning into a zombie. So you set out to find a cure the only way you know how, by smashing everything you come across, collecting the materials they spew out, and selling them for money to invest into your medical machinery. It’s all very weird. Here’s a trailer.

Functionally, My Zombie Wife appears to have all the trappings of an idle game, but with a bit more interaction on your part. You’ll travel into town attacking everything you come across, collecting and selling the debris, and then pumping the proceeds back into upgrading not just the medical equipment that you’re using to find a vaccine for your wife, but also the equipment you’re using to collect materials to sell. The more materials you can collect the more money you can earn and, well, I’m sure you’re familiar with how this progression system goes. If you’re interested in taking this odd title for a test spin, it just launched in Early Access on the Google Play Store today, so check it out if you’re an Android person. If you’re an iOS person, well, there’s no solid release date for My Zombie Wife just yet but we’ll keep an eye out for this one.