Watch How ‘Transistor’ from Supergiant Games Was Developed in a New Documentary from Noclip

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Supergiant Games was well know thanks to Bastion but Transistor ($4.99) is on a whole other level. It stands as one of my favourite games of the last decade and is a game I have bought multiple times across every system. It excels in art and music more than most games and has superlative gameplay. When it finally arrived on iOS, we featured it as our Game of the Week. Read our review of the iOS version here. I even mentioned it when I wrote about the best physical releases on Nintendo Switch. Watch the original reveal trailer for it from about six years ago below when it was set to arrive on PS4 and PC only:

Noclip from Danny O’Dwyer is one of my favourite channels on YouTube thanks to its high quality documentaries and videos that look at some of my favourite games. The latest documentary from Noclip looks at the development of Transistor fronm Supergiant Games. This has never before seen video footage of the game, interviews revealing loads of what went on behind the scenes, and more. If you enjoy Transistor , you should watch it. The full documentary is available on the Noclip YouTube channel. Watch it below:

When people look at the best indie games of the last decade, there’s a reason you see Transistor, The Witness, and the like mentioned often. Transistor is a must play game regardless of platform. It is available on iOS, PC, Nintendo Switch, and PS4. Check out our forum thread for it here. Have you played it yet and what is your favourite Supergiant Games release?

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