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‘Teamfight Tactics’ Is Coming to Mobile in March with Full Cross Play

When Riot Games originally revealed various games for mobile platforms, Teamfight Tactics was one that many people have been waiting for on portable devices. The auto battler mode in League of Legends has been constantly growing in popularity. Teamfight Tactics is basically Riot Games’ take on the popular auto chess game mode and it was revealed to be released as a standalone game on iOS and Android during the 10th anniversary announcements from Riot Games. Watch the reveal video for Teamfight Tactics mobile below:

Riot Games just revealed a look ahead at coming months in 2020 for Teamfight Tactics with new content and features set to launch in the game mode. In this announcement, the team also revealed that Teamfight Tactics is coming to iOS and Android in the middle of March. That is much sooner than I expected. This will also be accompanied by a new set releasing in the PC version. Teamfight Tactics for mobile is planned to release in most countries. Watch the new developer video for Teamfight Tactics below that showcases some of the new set and more:

The mobile version isn’t a direct port and the team has been working on bringing it to mobile so it feels like a natural fit on touchscreens. If you’re interested in playing it, you can check it out on PC right now or pre-register for it on Google Play. There is no pre-order for the iOS version yet. I expect that will go live when the team has a confirmed release date. Have you played Teamfight Tactics on PC yet?