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Challenging Puzzler ‘Felix The Reaper’ Is Coming to iOS after Debuting on PC and Consoles a Few Months Ago

September and October are horrible months for game releases on consoles because most of the big budget releases all aim to arrive in Fall across all platforms. Because of the amount of big games hitting consoles and PC in those months, indie games often get ignored on the same systems. Xbox Game Pass definitely helps more people try out indie games and Felix The Reaper is a game I heard about thanks to Xbox Game Pass. Felix The Reaper is a shadow puzzle game with a great soundtrack that released on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC and it is now coming to iOS with some improvements. Watch the teaser trailer below:

You play on a grid based map trying to execute mortals as a reaper. You control shadows by sundials, wagons, lamps, and more with a great soundtrack accompanying the levels. The iOS version includes a few additional gameplay improvements over the console versions. As of now, a beta is planned and you can keep an eye on our forum thread for Felix The Reaper here. A release is planned for late February or early March on iOS. No price point has been announced but the game costs $24.99 on Nintendo Switch. If you want to try it before the iOS version or the beta, there’s a Steam demo and it is available on Xbox Game Pass for PC and Console. Have you tried out Felix The Reaper on any console or PC yet?