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‘Bulwark of the Abyss’ is a Cool Upcoming Action Adventure Game from the Maker of ‘The Scrungeon Depths’

Our old friend Chase Holton is back at it again with a new mobile game project in the works. Wait… are you asking who Chase Holton is and why we’re all friends? Well Mr. Holton is an indie game developer who also goes by the name When’s Lunch? Games and has previously released the likes of Flamboygen ($1.99), Gwarmbee (Free), and my personal favorite The Scrungeon Depths ($1.99). In fact those last two games are an important factor here as the new project, which is called Bulwark of the Abyss, is actually a spiritual successor to Gwarmbee but with the “insane items and dungeons" of The Scrungeon Depths. The game itself is described as a “twin stick defender looter" which is where the Gwarmbee inspiration comes from, as you’ll fend off waves of enemies by using your shield–aka the Bulwark–to deflect their shots back at them and kill them. Unlike Gwarmbee and Scrungeon though, which both use pixel art, Bulwark of the Abyss is a 3D polygonal game that actually looks kind of similar to Holton’s other mobile game Flamboygen. So I guess you could say that Bulwark of the Abyss is an homage to ALL of his previous mobile games, and by his own account is “by far the most ambitious title yet." Here’s a trailer.

Based on his previous releases, I can say for sure that I’m a Chase Holton fan. I really loved The Scrungeon Depths precisely for its “insane items and dungeons" so seeing those elements in a more fleshed-out and larger experience is really exciting. No specific release date is in mind just yet other than the vague 2020, but based on Holton’s comments on the Youtube video Bulwark of the Abyss is already pretty deep into development and there will likely be some beta testing opportunities coming up in the near future. We’ll keep an eye on this one for sure. In the meantime you can follow Chase on Twitter or check out the game’s official site for more information and updates.