‘Various Daylife’ from Square Enix for Apple Arcade Just Got Updated Adding Support for Landscape Gameplay on iPad and Reduced Load Times on Newer Devices

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When Apple Arcade’s games list was revealed, Various Daylife () was a big surprise for me. I didn’t think Square Enix would bring a JRPG to Apple Arcade and always assumed it would just be a GO like release. Various Daylife is from the creators of Bravely Default (3DS) and Octopath Traveler (Switch and PC) bringing an original story to Apple Arcade with multiple job classes and an interesting battle system. Various Daylife was available when Apple Arcade launched and today, it has been updated with some much needed fixes. Watch the trailer below for the update:

Various Daylife 1.1.1 went live a few hours ago bringing improved load times for iOS devices with 3GB RAM. The update also allows for landscape mode gameplay on iPad. Until now, the game was locked to portrait on iOS which is fine for iPhone but not for iPads. The game was pretty hefty before and today’s update also reduces the total size by 1 GB. Barring those highlight features, the update fixes an error message when iCloud sync fails and has other bug fixes. Check out the original trailer for Various Daylife below:

If you’ve not tried Various Daylife yet, you can download it here if you are an Apple Arcade subscriber. This update is the first update since launch for Various Daylife and we all know how long it takes Square Enix to patch out issues in games across any system. If you’ve not checked it out yet, here’s our dedicated Apple Arcade forum with individual game threads and discussion around the service. You can check out our thread for Various Daylife here. What is your favourite Apple Arcade game so far?


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