Aspyr Media Is Giving Players of ‘Civilization VI’ the Opportunity to Unlock All Scenario and Civilization DLC for Free for the Holiday Season

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This year has been great for fans of Civilization VI (Free) on iOS because Aspyr Media released the Rise and Fall expansion a while ago and then recently brought Gathering Storm to the game. My biggest hope for the game in 2020 on iOS is that it gets support for retina resolution natively. Right now, it isn’t great looking on modern iOS devices. Today, Aspyr Media announced a free DLC pack promotion for the holiday season. Watch the trailer for Gathering Storm below:

For players who own the full game unlock, a similar free DLC pack promotion will begin from tomorrow which is similar to the one from last year. The full schedule is below:

December 18th until 20th: Poland Civilization and Scenario Pack
December 20th until 22nd: Vikings Scenario
December 22nd until 24th: Australia Civilization and Scenario Pack
December 24th until 26th: Persia and Macedon Civilization and Scenario Pack
December 26th until 28th: Nubia Civilization and Scenario Pack
December 28th until January 1st: Khmer and Indonesia Civilization and Scenario Pack

If you’ve not tried the base game yet, read our original review of the iPad version. We chose it as our Game of the Week when it released. The port is free to try for 60 turns and universal so give it a shot to see how it runs on your iOS device at least. Did you play Rise and Fall or Gathering Storm already?

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