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‘Megaton Musashi’ from Level-5 Is Set to Release on Mobile, PS4, and Nintendo Switch in 2020 and Here’s a New Trailer for the Co-op Robot Action RPG

Back in July 2016, Shaun wrote about Level-5’s upcoming releases and projects. A lot has changed for the company since then with Yo-Kai Watch basically nearly fizzling out compared to how gigantic it was around the time Yo-kai Watch 2 released in Japan. A lot of the developers projects have gone from a single platform to multiple platforms over the years. Even Yo-kai Watch 4 was recently released on PS4 in Japan making it the first non Nintendo console to get a mainline entry in the series. Meanwhile, the original Yokai Watch mobile port is still missing. Today, Level-5 revealed a new trailer and confirmed platforms for the upcoming co-op robot action RPG Megaton Musashi. Watch it below:

Megaton Musashi has robot customisation which seems very similar to the amount of stuff you can do in modern Gundam Breaker games. It will be playable at Jump Festa 2020 later this month on Nintendo Switch. Megaton Musashi features online co-op as you and friends try to destroy invaders from other planets. Megaton Musashi is one of Level-5’s projects that has been missing in action for a while. It was originally announced in 2016 as a cross media project and hasn’t had platforms revealed until now. It has been confirmed for iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, and PS4 release in 2020. As of now, a localization hasn’t been confirmed yet but it is likely to get one a bit later than the Japanese release. Check out the official Japanese website for it here. Have you played any of Level-5’s recent mobile ports yet?

[Source: Gematsu]