‘DOOM’ and ‘DOOM II’ from Bethesda Will Be Updated Soon to Add Support for 60fps, More Aspect Ratios, New Add-Ons, and a Lot More

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When Bethesda surprise released updated versions of DOOM ($4.99) and DOOM II ($4.99) on the App Store and Google Play, the ports had some issues. While many people including myself were annoyed at the forced login requirements, Bethesda patched the ports. An update was eventually released to fix the music and lighting issues on all platforms. Today, Bethesda announced a new update coming to both ports with some surprising additions and some great features.

As of now, Bethesda has said the updates are coming soon to “all platforms". While there has been no specific mention of iOS and Android, the previous updates also arrived on mobile despite only seeing mentions of console platforms in most places. The updates will add support for more aspect ratios, 60fps (the originals were not 60fps), curated add-ons, and more. This was revealed in the 26th anniversary stream after the 46 minute mark in the video here. Both games will be updated for free. I can’t wait to play SIGIL and replay Final DOOM through the patches when they arrive. Final DOOM and SIGIL will be available in both DOOM and DOOM II.

If you are planning on getting DOOM Eternal on any platform, you can sign into your account in the updated DOOM ports to unlock a skin for DOOM Eternal. Did you buy both games on iOS or any other platform through these new releases?

Update: We’ve received confirmation that these updates will indeed be coming to the iOS and Android versions of the games.

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