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‘Granblue Fantasy’ Now Available in English… In Japan

Every week when we post the new games, there’s always at least one person commenting asking where the hell Granblue Fantasy is. The game is a social RPG with some Final Fantasy heavy hitters behind the wheel, and first got news that it would be coming to the west back at TGS last year. Originally it was supposed to be released in March, but, well, considering it’s April now, they obviously missed that window. We got a pretty solid clue that it’s coming very soon in the form of an update hitting that adds the English localization to the existing Japanese version of the game.

screen322x572-9 granblue_english

Considering Granblue Fantasy is already late, it seems reasonable to think that we might see it as early as this week? Either way, if you’ve got an account for the Japanese App Store you can grab the game right now and switch it to English. Otherwise, I’m confident in saying it likely won’t be too long before you can just grab the game with your normal US account.

Japanese App Store Link: Granblue Fantasy, Free
Japanese Google Play Link: Granblue Fantasy, Free