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Surreal Musical Adventure ‘Figment’ is Coming to iOS Soon from the Makers of ‘Back to Bed’

Two years ago nearly to the day, developer Bedtime Digital released a whimsical and surreal adventure called Figment onto Steam. Taking place inside the human mind, you play as a character named Dusty, who is the mind’s representation of courage. Things had been pretty peaceful in this old mind for years and Dusty hasn’t been called on too often, but suddenly things are starting to change and new thoughts are popping into the mind, thoughts that are “taking the shape of nightmarish creatures who spread fear wherever they go." That’s not good! So it’s up to Dusty to get back into form and remember that he’s courage, gosh darn it, and put a stop to all this scary stuff going down. Figment has been a huge hit on desktop, and since its desktop release it has also come to Nintendo Switch and Playstaion 4, with Xbox One in the works as well. Today Bedtime has announced that Figment is also on its way to iOS, check out the game’s original launch trailer to see just how darn charming it is in action.

Bedtime Digital is no stranger to the mobile platform, as they’ve also brought the isometric puzzler Back to Bed ($2.99) and the time-manipulating platformer Chronology ($0.99) to the touchscreen in previous years. One thing those releases have in common with Figment is that they have a wonderful art style and a ton of personality, and I think Figment may actually be the apex of that with its catchy music and full voice acting. Plus since it takes place in the mind, pretty much anything goes in terms of environments and surreal situations. Bedtime says they’ve been spending several months working on this iOS version but they’d also like to hear what sort of features mobile gamers would like to see in the port, and eventually they’ll be looking for some beta testers to help iron out any issues. Just head over to the game’s thread in our forums to let them know any features you have in mind or if you’re interested in doing some testing. If all goes well, Figment for iOS should be available before the end of the year.