‘Battle Breakers’ from Epic Games Is Available Worldwide on iOS, Android, and PC after a Long Soft Launch

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Battle Breakers (Free) from Epic Games is something we covered back at GDC in 2017 from Chair. It soft launched around that time and was set to release the same year. That didn’t happen obviously but Battle Breakers has finally launched worldwide on iOS, Android, and PC now from Epic Games. Battle Breakers is a hero collector RPG developed by a small team within Epic Games. Check out footage from the 2017 build at GDC below:

Battle Breakers has you trying to take back your planet by assembling a team of heroes fighting in massive boss battles. It has a Battle Pass as well and is free to play as you’d expect. One highlight is that it is fully cross platform across mobile and PC. You can take your saves across iOS and Epic Games Store. To celebrate the launch, Epic Games is offering a reward for completing the tutorial. You can earn the Dark Beastman Hero until November 27th by beating the tutorial and claiming the reward.

The official launch trailer for Battle Breakers is above. What’s interesting is that a Fortnite crossover is happening going by some datamining in the future. I think everything Epic does in the gaming space will have some form of a presence in Fortnite. This might arrive as soon as the next patch. If you’re interested in checking the game out, you can download Battle Breakers for free on the App Store for iOS here, the Epic Games app for Android here, and the Epic Games Store for PC here. Did you try it while it was soft launched?

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