‘Stardew Valley’ 1.4 Update Announced for iOS and Android Bringing Quality of Life Enhancements, Loads of Fixes, Expanded Content, and More

Last year, The Secret Police and Chucklefish brought ConcernedApe’s awesome Stardew Valley ($4.99) to iOS. The port constantly got better over time through multiple updates fixing and enhancing controls and other content focussed updates. Read our review of the iOS version. We even featured it as our Game of the Week. Today, ConcernedApe has announced plans for version 1.4 on all platforms detailing the contents and more.

The 1.4 update adds a lot of new things to Stardew Valley ranging from quality of life improvements, polish, and the feel of the controls. ConcernedApe says every aspect of the game’s content has been expanded or improved. The end-game content has also been expanded and we will not really know about that until the update is out. As of now, 1.4 is in the final stages on PC ahead of its release later this month on November 26th. For consoles and mobile, the update should arrive a few weeks after that. Hopefully it hits before the end of the year. ConcernedApe will announce a release date for consoles and mobile as the update has been tested more. One more thing included in the announcement for the 1.4 update is that ConcernedApe still has no plans to bring multiplayer to mobile.

It feels pretty wild that this game people told me to play that was only on Steam, is now on basically everything and really beyond amazing on iOS. If you’ve not gotten Stardew Valley on iOS or Android yet, you can buy it on iOS here on the App Store and for Android here on Google Play. You can also bring your PC save to iOS and if you aren’t sure how to do it, read this. Here’s our forum thread on the game for more discussion.