‘PAYDAY: Crime War’ Is Being Shut Down Next Month and Is Set to Be Re-Launched with a New Publisher in the Future

PAYDAY: Crime War only launched on iOS and Android this year after being revealed a while ago. The 4v4 PVP online game let you play as enforcers or heisters in a new mobile exclusive PAYDAY experience. It is free to play as expected but seemed to be quite nice initially. Today, the developers have announced that the current version of the game is being shut down. The last few months have had a few games get announced for shutting down. If you’ve not played PAYDAY: Crime War yet, check out the trailer below:

The current version of PAYDAY: Crime War will be shut down on December 16th. In app purchases have been disabled as of yesterday. When the game is shut down, there will be no updates done and servers will be taken offline. This means you will no longer be able to play PAYDAY: Crime War after December 16th. News isn’t all grim because they are intending to re-launch PAYDAY: Crime War with a new publisher in the future. It is disappointing that no information was revealed for transferring progress or purchases over to the new version as of now. Did you play and enjoy PAYDAY: Crime War on iOS or Android?