‘Naboki’ from Maciej Targoni Who Brought Us ‘Up Left Out’, ‘Klocki’, and More Is Out Now on iOS, Android, and PC

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Originally announced to release on November 14th, Naboki ($0.99) from Maciej Targoni has released early on the App Store, Google Play, and Steam. The new minimalist puzzler from the maker of HOOK, PUSH, Up Left Out, and more is a game about taking things apart. It has a great minimal aesthetic as expected. There’s no shortage of minimal puzzle games on iOS and Android but when one releases from a developer with a great track record, it is worth looking into even when you are probably knee deep into Apple Arcade games. Check out Naboki in action below in the trailer:

As with his other games, Naboki has no tutorials, scores, or text at all. It is as minimal as it gets. Pre-orders for it went live last month for the low price of just $0.99 and the game has released on all platforms today. If you’ve not checked out the other games by Maciej Targoni, they are worth looking into if you enjoy puzzle games on touchscreens. Naboki is available on iOS here, Android here, and on PC via Steam here. Check out the official website here. What’s your favourite minimalist puzzle game on iOS?


    NABOKI is a minimal puzzle game about taking levels apart. Just like my previous games, there are no tutorials, no scores, no text. Audio made by Wojciech Wasiak.
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