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‘HOOK’ Creator, Maciej Targoni, Announces His New Game, ‘Klocki’

If you remember, and even better, enjoyed HOOK ($0.99) then you will be pleased to hear Maciej Targoni, the creator, has just announced Klocki; a connect the line, tile swapping minimalistic puzzle game. Maciej is well known for his original and slightly twisted creations. HOOK for example is a real brain tickler where you have to real in lines without touching other libes. There are no timers, no points or stars, just a relaxing yet challenging game. You also might want to look up oO. ($0.99) Another one of his puzzle games where you control a ball around interconnected circles. It is described as a hardcore minimal indie “dodge-em-up/runner” arcade game. Told you he was original.
Klocki seems like a very satisfying game where tiles and complete parts of the puzzle can be swapped around or turned to connect the lines. Check out the short video preview to get a glimpse of it.

The release date is set for July and there is a price tag of $0.99 for the currently planned 100 levels. This is one game we shall definitely be keeping our eye on.