You Can Claim Two Free Golden Cards in ‘Hearthstone’ for a Limited Time as Blizzard Celebrates 25 Years of Warcraft

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While the big Hearthstone (Free) news recently is all about Hearthstone Battlegrounds, Blizzard is celebrating 25 years of Warcraft with a new login bonus for all players. Before getting into that, if you’ve not checked out Battlegrounds yet, the new mode was announced alongside a new expansion at BlizzCon 2019. The new auto chess like mode for Hearthstone has been pretty great so far. I’ve been playing it for a few days now on iPhone. Read our in-depth hands-on preview from Tasos Lazarides who attended BlizzCon. Watch the trailer for Battlegrounds below:

To celebrate 25 years of Warcraft, Blizzard is offering all Hearthstone players a login bonus of two golden cards for a limited time. Beginning now until November 27th, you can login to Hearthstone to get two free golden cards from the classic set. The golden Injured Blademaster and Argent Commander will be added to your collection when you login. I know some people were hoping they would give a free golden legendary but we all know that was never going to happen and free golden cards are better than nothing. Make sure you login to claim the two golden cards before November 27th. Have you been playing Hearthstone regularly or did the Battlegrounds mode get you back to trying it again?

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