‘Hearthstone’ ‘Descent of Dragons’ and ‘Hearthstone: Battlegrounds’ Announced at BlizzCon 2019

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Blizzard’s BlizzCon opening keynote just ended and as expected, there were some nice announcements for Hearthstone(Free) to end 2019. The first announcement is what everyone expected while the second announcement is something very interesting. In addition to an expansion that arrives next month, Blizzard announced a new game mode for Hearthstone that’s pretty inspired by autochess. Watch the trailer for Hearthstone: Battlegrounds below:

Hearthstone: Battlegrounds is a new mode arriving in Hearthstone featuring auto battling. It is an 8 player experience inspired by autochess where a single winner will be crowned after multiple duels. It features murlocs, mechs, demons, and more from Hearthstone when it goes live on November 5th for those who have pre-purchased the Descent of Dragons bundles, BlizzCon attendees, and BlizzCon virtual ticket holders. Hearthstone: Battlegrounds will be a part of the new Modes button from the main menu that will now include the Arena. Blizzard is keeping this game mode free for all players but players who acquire new expansion packs through any means will get more content.

Initially, Hearthstone: Battlegrounds will be available on mobile devices with more than 2GB of RAM and older devices will be added into the new game mode in the future. The Descent of Dragons expansion sees the story that began earlier this year come to an end. Galakrond is the dragon to end all dragons and he brings a new keyword, “Invoke". Hearthstone is adding sidequests that are easier to complete than regular quests. Watch the trailer for the Descent of Dragons expansion below:

Hearthstone is available for free on the App Store and Google Play. The Descent of Dragons expansion arrrives in December on iOS, Android, and PC platforms. It is available in two bundles as a pre-purchase with the former containing 60 packs, a card back, a random new golden legendary, and early access to Hearthstone: Battlegrounds. The second bundle which is the Mega Bundle includes 100 packs, the card back, a random new golden legendary, early access to Hearthstone: Battlegrounds, and the Deathwing Warrior Hero. What do you think of the Battlegrounds mode?

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