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‘The White Door’ from Rusty Lake and Second Maze Has Been Delayed to January 2020

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Rusty Lake started teasing their new project a while ago and it was properly revealed as The White Door ($2.99) that will be a different take on the Rusty Lake storytelling style. The White Door has you trying to bring colour back to Robert’s life through his daily routine that involves exploring dreams and solving puzzles. It has a very nice black and white aesthetic that will soon be full of colour going by the trailer which you can watch below:

Today, Rusty Lake have announced that The White Door has been delayed to January 9th, 2020 from its original release date that was set for later this month. The delay is because the team hasn’t been able to work like they are used to in the last few weeks due to personal reasons. With this delay, Rusty Lake says that they are sad that 2019 has gone by without any game release but 2020 will be better. The delay will let them avoid crunch closer the older release date. This is always good because a delayed game is almost always better and the delay isn’t bad at all at under a month and a half. You can pre-order it now on the App Store for iOS at $2.99 and wishlist it on Steam as well. What is your favourite Rusty Lake release?

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