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‘The White Door’ is the Totally Unsettling New Game from the Folks at Rusty Lake

After releasing NINE entries in their Cube Escape series, and three entries in their Rusty Lake series, the developer who also calls themselves Rusty Lake reached what I consider their magnum opus when they released Cube Escape: Paradox last year, an extremely ambitious new room escape game that was accompanied by a full-blown live action short film. The short film was absolutely fantastic and played right into another of Rusty Lake’s completely unsettling and intriguing Cube Escape games. It was a stunning achievement, but it begged the question, where the heck to these guys go from there? After beginning to tease a new game this past March, today Rusty Lake have formally announced their new project called The White Door. It explores a new type of interface that splits the screen in two as you wander around and interact with things, giving you two perspectives on what’s happening. Check it out.

While The White Door looks like something of a departure from Rusty Lake’s previous games in terms of style, this is very much a game connected to the larger Cube Escape universe. The game asks that you “Explore Robert Hill’s dreams and help him to find his lost memories" and then asks “Can you survive the strict daily routine and bring back color to Robert’s life?" Robert Hill, aka Bob, has actually appeared in a few other of Rusty Lake’s games, and it appears at least from this trailer that the player will get to explore the origins of this mysterious character. Another interesting part about The White Door is that it will be published by Rusty Lake’s own new publishing label called Second Maze Studios. The bottom line is that I’m interested in anything and everything Rusty Lake does, and this latest tease for The White Door has me incredibly excited. It should be arriving on mobile and Steam at the end of the summer.