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‘Magic: ManaStrike’ is a New Mobile PvP Battler from Netmarble and Wizards of the Coast

Netmarble is partnering up with Wizards of the Coast to bring the granddaddy of card battlers Magic: The Gathering to the mobile platform. Well, bring it to the mobile platform again I guess, because there have already been a number of Magic-related mobile games in the past. This time however Netmarble is tapping into the world of Magic in a way that you probably wouldn’t expect. This new game is called Magic: ManaStrike and it’s a synchronous PvP game that seems to play similarly to Clash Royale, if Clash Royale was turned on its side. The Magic influence comes in the form of many famous spells and characters that Magic: The Gathering players have come to know over the decades, and they get brought to life in full 3D in Magic: ManaStrike.

In many ways this feels like the recent trend of the past few years of creating a free to play RPG battler for mobile based on a popular IP where you can collect tons of characters and experience gobs of fan service for whatever that IP happens to be. Only this time the mobile spinoff game is based on an IP that itself is already a game. Kinda weird, but Magic’s fantastic artwork and lore is legendary for a reason, so it also makes a lot of sense. More details for Magic: ManaStrike are set to be revealed at the G-Star trade show in South Korea starting next week on November 14th and running through the 17th, so we’ll check back in on the game then.