‘Bridge Constructor Portal’ Is Getting New DLC Next Week Bringing In 30 New Levels and More

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Bridge Constructor from Headup Games had a very interesting crossover with Portal from Valve a few years ago in the form of Bridge Constructor Portal ($4.99) that launched on iOS as a premium release. Read our review of it here. Bridge Constructor Portal is a Bridge Constructor game with a good helping of Portal‘s mechanics and humour. Today, Headup Games has announced DLC for it. Watch the trailer for the Portal Proficiency DLC below:

The Bridge Constructor Portal Portal Proficiency DLC set arrives next week taking players back to Aperture Science Enrichment Center for new challenges. The DLC pack includes 30 new levels spread across three chapters. The highlight of the DLC is being able to not only construct bridges but also place portals in levels. A price point hasn’t been announced yet for the DLC. The pack will release on mobile, PC, and consoles at the same time on November 12th. Check out the DLC Steam page here. Have you played Bridge Constructor Portal yet?

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