Huge “Hallowed Knights” Expansion for ‘Blackmoor 2’ Adds Six New Stages and New Character Jon Jacob

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Just about a year ago, developer Four Fats released the sequel to one of my all-time favorite games when they unleashed Blackmoor 2 (Free) on an unsuspecting world. It’s an action platformer with really fun combat mechanics, a campaign that continues the story from the first game, a full-blown dungeon editor where you can create and share your own dungeon designs, and super fun cooperative online multiplayer modes. And of course, being that this is a Four Fats game, there was a huge cast of colorful characters which are all not-so-subtle callbacks to various video game and pop culture characters. I was a massive fanboy of the original Blackmoor, and since the sequel seemed to be bigger and better in every way, I had no problem choosing it as the Game of the Week when it released.

Then back in April, Four Fats released a huge update for Blackmoor 2 that built on the fact that it had such fun combat mechanics and a big roster of characters. It added a 1-on-1 versus mode called Super Pub Fighter which was a massive homage to Super Street Fighter II Turbo and let players take on a ladder of AI opponents or battle it out against real people in online multiplayer. The level of detail in this Super Pub Fighter mode is amazing in terms of all the little touches that call back to Street Fighter II, and with 14 unique fighting stages, playable bosses, and full single-player and multiplayer options it easily could have been its own separate spinoff game rather than a free update to an already fully-featured action platformer. It’s just awesome.

Now this week Four Fats has released the next major update for Blackmoor 2. It’s dubbed the Hallowed Knights update and it adds 6 new stages including the Owl Farm, Football with Knights, and right in line with Halloween being today the spooky Hallowed Manor. Perhaps an even bigger addition is a major fan favorite character being added to the single-player campaign, and it’s none other than Jon Jacob! Like other campaign characters, Jon Jacob features two melee attack types and a secondary skin called Doctor Jon that’s not at all based on Indiana Jones. Not one bit. This update also adds support for iOS 13 controllers and you can even play local multiplayer with up to 4 people on a single device if you have the controllers for it. Finally, there’s a new one-time IAP to unlock a selection of pets as well as some PvP improvements and other minor fixes.

It’s been a heck of a year since Four Fats launched Blackmoor 2, and based on comments I’ve seen around the interwebs it sounds like they have even more updates planned for the game as well as some new projects to announce for next year. Blackmoor 2 is like the gift that keeps on giving, and if you haven’t checked it out previously you can play through the game in its entirety for free as long as you don’t mind ads. If you hate ads, like I do, you can buy a premium upgrade for $2.99 that gives the ads the boot and also unlocks a bunch of skins, a coin doubler, and some other goodies too. It’s very worth checking out Blackmoor 2 for free and splurging on the premium unlock if you enjoy it.

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