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‘Runescape Mobile’ Early Access is Now Available for Android on the Google Play Store

As we learned during RuneFest earlier this month, developer Jagex planned on releasing the mobile version of their long-running and mega-popular MMORPG RuneScape into Early Access before the end of this year. And you know what? “Before the end of this year" turned out to be… today! Well, if you’re an Android gamer, that is. Yes, RuneScape Mobile is now available on the Google Play Store for Android. It requires a membership to play, which is compatible cross-platform with the desktop version, and if you don’t currently subscribe to RuneScape on desktop you can sign up for an account and choose from a variety of membership options right through the Google Play Store in the mobile version of the game. And with today’s Early Access launch comes a slick new trailer of RuneScape Mobile in action.

As you can see, RuneScape Mobile is more or less the full-fat version of RuneScape but built for the touchscreen of your mobile device. And if you partake in this Early Access period you’ll unlock the “Founder’s Pack" which includes the pretty sweet looking Radiant Dawn armor set, a Steel Panther combat pet, and a unique mobile-themed rest animation. It’s all really awesome! …for Android users, that is. Which I am not. So what about us iOS folks, eh Jagex? Well they do mention that there will be more news on the iOS version of RuneScape Mobile soon and that players on the iOS platform will also be rewarded when their time comes, so don’t panic if you’re seeing all this cool exclusive stuff for Android players. Those who ARE on Android though should definitely check out the Early Access version of RuneScape Mobile today, and you can find all sorts of great information including how and where to leave feedback and system requirements at the official website.

Google Play Store Link: RuneScape Mobile (by Jagex Games Studio)