Critically acclaimed horror game ‘Layers of Fear’ from Bloober Team is now available on iOS as a premium game

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Bloober Team’s Layers of Fear ($9.99) has followed the usual path of launching on PC or consoles first before seeing a release on Nintendo Switch and finally arriving on iOS. Layers of Fear is a first person horror expeirence that is very exploration and story driven. You get into the mind of a painter and explore a mansion full of horrors. The mansion is filled with decor and architecture from the 19th century featuring original art and some classics. Watch the trailer for it below:

Layers of Fear on iOS is a premium game. It is not compatible with iPad Air 2 on the iPad side of things. On iPhone, it needs iPhone 6S and later. Unlike the Nintendo Switch version that was titled Layers of Fear Legacy, this release doesn’t include the Inheritance Expansion. If you’re interested in checking it out on iOS, Layers of Fear is available right now on the App Store for iOS as a premium release for $9.99. This is half the price of the PC version on Steam. Bloober Team confirmed to us that the Inheritance Expansion is being worked on for iOS. Check out our forum thread for the port here. Have you played Layers of Fear on any platform yet?

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