New Apple Arcade Game Releases: ‘Manifold Garden’, ‘PAC-MAN Party Royale’, ‘Ballistic Baseball’, and ‘Things That Go Bump’

Apple just added four new games to Apple Arcade for every subscriber. After bringing multiple games last week and the week before, I’m pretty surprised that Apple has added four more this week. Apple must have quite a few games ready with developers to drop four to five new ones each week at this rate. As usual, all four games are available right now on Apple Arcade. Ballistic Baseball from Gameloft is a real time PvP Baseball game that has cross play on iOS, macOS, and tvOS featuring eight unique stadiums. Since Ballistic Baseball is in Apple Arcade, it won’t have any of the usual free to play stuff. I’m only saying this because it is from Gameloft. Check out Ballistic Baseball on Apple Arcade here.

Manifold Garden from William Chyr has been in development for seven years. It was announced for Apple Arcade a little while ago but finally got a release date yesterday for both Apple Arcade and PC platforms. Manifold Garden lets you explore a vast world with puzzles and the ability to manipulate gravity. It looks superb. Just keep in mind that it is a 3.1 GB download. Check out Manifold Garden on Apple Arcade here.

Bandai Namco Entertainment brings PAC-MAN Party Royale to Apple Arcade in today’s Apple Arcade drop letting you be the last PAC-MAN standing in the four player battle mode. Players who get eaten become Ghosts set to take revenge. I’m a bit unsure on PAC-MAN’s design here with no nose but the game itself looks very interesting. Check out PAC-MAN Party Royale on Apple Arcade here.

Things That Go Bump from Tinybop is the only game in todays’ drop to explicitly mention controller support on the App Store. This gorgeous sidescrolling action game has you dealing with spirits in the night while you combine various objects to create new characters. Things That Go Bump supports one to four players across iOS, tvOS, and macOS. Check it out on Apple Arcade here. Make sure to check out our dedicated Apple Arcade forum here for discussion on the service and the games available.