‘PUBG Mobile’ 0.15.0 Adds the New Payload Mode, Halloween Themed Survive Till Dawn Changes, Weapon Tweaks, Performance Improvements, and More On iOS and Android

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Servers for PUBG Mobile (Free) went down yesterday to prepare for the big 0.15.0 update that just went live a few hours ago on both iOS and Android. This update brings performance improvements, weapon tweaks, and more in addition to the highly anticipated Payload Mode and Halloween theme. The downlaod size for PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 is 1.76 GB on Android and 1.98 GB on iOS. If you update before October 22nd, you will get 50 Silver Fragments, 2,888 BP, and Fairy Set (for three days).

The Payload Mode adds heavy weapons, a helicopter, vehicle repair packs, air strikes, and more. This mode includes RPG-7, M3E1-A, M79 Grenade launcher, MGL Grnade Launcher, and M134 Minigun. You can revive teammates through their ID cards at the communication tower. The Survive Till Dawn mode has undergone a Halloween makeover with a new hostile human faction, special bio-warfare equipment as rewards, and more. This update also brings the ledge grab feature that lets you reach inaccessible places. The M164A4 has been improved quite a bit and other weapons like the Vector, UMP45, and MK47Mutant have been tweaked. 0.15.0 also brings the first person perspective training ground, rookie missions, grenade finishes, and more. Quite a big update ahead of Halloween.

If you do play PUBG Mobile, we have a dedicated channel in our Discord for it. Make sure to join our Discord channel here to squad up. It looks like we won’t be getting controller support even with the Xbox One and PS4 controllers now supported on iOS. Do you still play it regularly and what do you think of it compared ot Call of Duty: Mobile?


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