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‘Versus: Unfriendly Frenzy’ is a Fast-Paced Real-Time Strategy Game from the Makers of ‘Starborn Anarkist’

In late 2013, ZeMind Game Studio gave us the wonderful gift of Starborn Anarkist, a physics-based space shooter that let you create your own ship designs and then put them to the test (for better or worse) against a multitude of crazy enemies. It’s quite simply one of the best space shooters on the App Store, and surprisingly it’s totally updated and working on today’s devices even some six years later. Now the good folks at ZeMind have another trick up their sleeve for mobile, and this one is called Versus: Unfriendly Frenzy. It’s described as “a fast-paced take on real-time strategy, made for iPad and Android tablets. It features 3 different factions, each with unique, outlandish units. A key part of the strategy is competition over a multitude of bonus pickups, which must be dragged back to the player’s base." This is what it looks like.

Versus: Unfriendly Frenzy looks like it has all the good stuff, like a bunch of wacky characters and over-the-top special items, to make for a super fast and frantic multiplayer experience. The multiplayer will be in the form of a local 2-player Skirmish mode, but there is a single-player Story mode as well. I’d imagine that the local multiplayer is why this one sounds like it’s only coming to tablets and not phones, as the larger screen is much more conducive to such a thing, but as someone who doesn’t have a recent iPad anymore I’ll have to just hold out hope that a small-screen version of Versus: Unfriendly Frenzy can be managed in the future. For iPad-owning RTS fans though, Versus: Unfriendly Frenzy will be launching this Thursday for $3.99 with no ads and no IAP, just the way I like it.