Huge ‘Death Road to Canada’ Update Coming Thursday Adding New Events, AI Improvements, and a Lot More

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Our Game of the Year for 2017, Rocketcat Games and Madgarden’s fantastic road trip zombie apocalypse simulator Death Road to Canada ($14.99), is getting another huge update tomorrow. The ILEUM update that arrived on PC is finally arriving on iOS bringing new events, AI improvements, and more. This update also has crash fixes. You will be able to lock a weapon so the AI followers try and use that weapon. Four new events have been added including Cloud Watching and The Last Internet Connection. Two new rare events have been added and there are loads of new weapons as expected. The update also includes loads of bug fixes and fixes to gameplay issues. I still can’t get over how good the soundtrack is and the song used in the trailer below is excellent.

Death Road to Canada was our Game of the Year last year, and we also awarded it 5 stars in our review and picked it for our Game of the Week upon release. It is pretty much one of our favourites here and I keep going back to it on Nintendo Switch. If you play it on iOS, the ILEUM update arrives tomorrow for free. Do you still play it regularly?

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