Apple’s “By Innovation Only” iPhone Event Kicks Off in Just a Few Minutes

Apple’s annual September event where they take the wraps of this year’s new iPhone models is set to begin in just a few minutes, and while this is always an exciting time for people who love Apple’s products, I think this year’s event is especially interesting to us here at TouchArcade since we’re expecting a lot of new details surrounding Apple Arcade. If you’ve been vacationing under a rock for the last six months, Apple Arcade is Apple’s premium gaming subscription service that they announced at their “It’s Show Time" event back in March. It’ll offer more than 100 new and exclusive games that will be playable across iOS, Apple TV, and Mac, and they’ll be playable offline and won’t have any advertisements or in-app purchases. Totally premium.

What we HAVEN’T heard just yet is what the pricing for this magical service will be, though a leak suggests it’ll be $4.99 a month and my money is on Apple also offering some sort of discounted bundle pricing for all of their other services, including Apple Arcade. Also, while we know SOME of the games announced for Apple Arcade so far, there are many more of that 100+ that haven’t been announced yet, so I’m really hoping to get some pleasant surprises during today’s keynote. And finally, we don’t know WHEN Apple Arcade will be launching just yet, though most people are assuming it’ll launch alongside iOS 13 which based on previous history will likely be within the next few weeks. Hey, whether you’re down for the subscription stuff or not, today’s event should be an exciting one just to catch a glimpse at where Apple is heading in terms of gaming.

You can stream the event live on Apple’s homepage, or in the Special Events app on the Apple TV, and our sister site Macrumors always does an excellent job of providing live coverage of these events. Of course we’ll also be posting any of the major gaming-related announcements just as soon as they happen, so stay tuned for what is hopefully a very eventful event.