‘Stranger Things 3: The Game’ is Now Available on iOS and Android as a Premium $4.99 Release

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One of the coolest games to release in 2017 was Stranger Things: The Game (Free) for mobile. Not only did it offer up some major fan service in the form of side stories featuring the famous characters from Netflix’s hit show, but once season 2 of the series launched a few weeks after the mobile game dropped a big content update arrived that added in a ton of stuff from the new season right into the game. It was just a masterfully executed tie-in game with a major IP, which historically are always awful, and to top it all off it was entirely FREE. The game’s developer BonusXP partnered up with Netflix once again to do something similar for the third season of Stranger Things, and last December during The Game Awards they unveiled Stranger Things 3: The Game. While it wasn’t officially announced as coming to mobile at the time, all signs pointed to that being the case, though the mobile version wouldn’t launch day and date with the third season as it did on other platforms back on July 4th. But guess what, mobile gaming Stranger Things fans? Today is YOUR day as Stranger Things 3: The Game ($4.99) has finally launched on both the iOS App Store and on the Google Play Store for Android.

There are a couple of differences this time around compared to the original Stranger Things: The Game. Whereas that one was a heavily Zelda-inspired exploration adventure, Stranger Things 3: The Game is more of an isometric action game, almost like a beat ’em up. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but if you absolutely adored the original game I can’t say you’ll definitely love this one too, since they are different beasts. But if you’re like me and simply love all things Stranger Things, I think you’ll find plenty to enjoy in both games. Also this new game isn’t free as the first game was, it’ll set you back five bucks. That’s not a bad price at all especially as there’s no IAP or anything, and given how awesome and free the first game was I still sort of feel like I’m ripping BonusXP off even though I’m paying for this new game. Oh well! If you’re jonesing for some Stranger Things fun on your mobile device, definitely consider picking up Stranger Things 3: The Game on iOS or Android, and head over to the thread in our forums to check out some discussion about the game.

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