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It Looks Like the New ‘Stranger Things’ Game Will Be Heading to Mobile

If you watched The Game Awards last night chances are you saw one of the many new game announcements, one of which was for a new Stranger Things game being developed by Netflix and BonusXP. The trailer reveal was quite clever and featured series creators The Duffer Brothers coming out on stage and professing their lifelong love of video games, before becoming an actual part of the trailer itself. The new game will be based around the upcoming third season of Stranger Things and, unlike the original Stranger Things: The Game (Free) which released last year and was more of an 8-bit-inspired affair, the new one has received a graphical upgrade to 16-bit. It is also said to be coming to “all platforms." Check out the reveal trailer.

So the “all platforms" thing got me thinking that maybe that meant the new Stranger Things game could be heading to mobile, right? I mean the original Stranger Things: The Game was released a little over a year ago as a mobile exclusive, and it was developed by BonusXP too. Well, according to Variety, the new game will indeed be heading to mobile as well as consoles and PC. Their article states that “There will also be a ‘streamlined’ version created to enjoy on mobile devices." What exactly streamlined means is anybody’s guess, but the console and PC versions will have cooperative multiplayer, and I could see that feature getting the axe for mobile. Whatever the case, we really enjoyed the first Stranger Things game and will be looking forward to the new game (and the third season!) when it releases at some point in 2019.

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