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Nintendo Announces that ‘Mario Kart Tour’ Will Be Launching on September 25th

It was all the way back in January of last year that Nintendo broke the internet by announcing a Mario Kart game for mobile. Called Mario Kart Tour, the game would be a partnership with mobile developer DeNA and the release date was pegged for sometime before the first quarter of 2019, or in other words before the end of March. Then this past January Nintendo announced a delay for Mario Kart Tour and pushed it to the nebulous “summer 2019." Well technically they aren’t QUITE making it before the end of summer, but today Nintendo did announce the official release date for Mario Kart Tour and it’ll be arriving next month on September 25th.

Nintendo has also christened a brand new official Twitter account dedicated to Mario Kart Tour, so head on over there and give the account a follow to stay on top of anything and everything to do with the game. As you might recall, just a little over a week after the game’s original announcement, the DeNA CEO referred to Mario Kart Tour as a “free to start" title, which led some to believe that it would be a free to try with premium unlock similar to Super Mario Run. However, a closed beta took place this past May, and based on impressions from those beta testers, that wasn’t the case at all and in fact Mario Kart Tour seems to be a very typical free to play game. However, with the right expectations, many of those testers did seem to be enjoying the experience, and I definitely have an open mind towards checking out Mario Kart Tour when it arrives in about a month’s time.