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Nintendo announces a delay for ‘Mario Kart Tour’ on iOS and Android

As we get closer to the end of March (this financial year), everyone was wondering where Mario Kart Tour was. Nintendo announced Mario Kart was coming to the App Store and Google Play in the ofrm of Mario Kart Tour a while ago. It was set to release before the end of March. Today, Nintendo’s financials are going on in Japan with them giving everyone updates on million sellers on consoles and mobile games.

Mario Kart Tour has officially been delayed to Summer 2019. The reason for the delay is to improve the quality of the game. I was pretty skeptical of the End March window because we haven’t even seen anything for the game yet. Nintendo is capable of announcing and releasing something in a very short period though so there was always the possibility of it being shown off in February for a March 2019 release. That didn’t work out in the end. Hopefully we get some information about it soon.

Super Mario Run wasn’t even remotely close to being as successful as Nintendo’s Fire Emblem Heroes. Don’t expect a premium one time unlock or paid release for when Mario Kart hits the App Store. We will likely have a dedicated Nintendo Direct for it as we get closer to the release showcasing the game.

[Source: Nintendo via NintendoEverything]