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Bullet Hell Shmup ‘Bullet Hell Monday Black’ From Masayuki Ito Releases Next Week On Both iOS and Android

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While most people discovered the shmup genre in arcades or even Xbox 360 through the various arcade ports, I actually only properly got into them on iOS and more recently on Nintendo Switch. The Danmaku Unlimited games and Bullet Hell Monday on iOS are easily my favourites on mobile while I’ve been playing all the PSIKYO games on Switch recently. Masayuki Ito has released a few bullet hell shmups on iOS in the form of .Decluster (Free) and .Decluster Zero ($4.99), Today, Masayuki Ito announces a remixed take on Bullet Hell Monday (Free) in the form of Bullet Hell Monday Black (Free) that will be coming to both iOS and Android. Watch the trailer for it below:

One of the best aspects of bullet hell shmups on iOS is the fact that most of them are portrait games with super precise controls. I didn’t think the genre would work well on touch until I tried the Danmaku Unlimited games properly. Bullet Hell Monday Black features multiple difficulty options with leaderboards and cloud save support. The first stage in arcade mode is free with all subsequent stages needing a single in app purchase unlock. The soundtrack so far seems pretty great and Masayuki Ito even has a soundtrack preview for the game on YouTube. Watch the video below:

It will have new special weapons like the Homing Laser and features completely redone stages and music. If you’re interested in it, you can pre-order Bullet Hell Monday Black on the App Store or pre-register for it on Google Play for free. It releases on August 14th for free. The one time unlock for all stages after the first one will cost $6.99. Have you played Bullet Hell Monday yet?

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